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  1. How do I purchase your software? What delivery options do I have?

    You can use your Credit Card, PayPal, wire transfer, Check (for US only). All these options are available when you order a product from our website. All software in our website is downloadable, but you can also order the 4Team BCD which contains installation files and Documentation, which are sent by regular mail.

  2. Do you provide a discount for Non-Profit Organizations?

    Yes, we do. Send us your NPO statement of exemption by fax and indicate the name of the actual purchaser and his/her email address, where we can send the Promo Code that will generate the discount.

  3. I'm not a PC professional. Can I get help to install and tune-up the trial?

    Yes, you can get a free phone, email and LiveChat Help support in order to install and tune-up the program properly. Please check the Support part of our Online Help.

  4. I have downloaded the trial version of your product and it says that I need to activate the program. How can I activate my trial product and where can I get my activation number?

    The 14-day trial version does not require any activation. If you do get this message immediately after installing, contact our support for help.

  5. I have downloaded product trial a month ago and now I am trying to install it. But I got a message that “Your trial is over”. What should I do?

    Please refer to 4Team support by email or live chat.

  6. I just purchased the program but still don’t have the Activation Code.

    We email Activation Codes within 24 hours after the purchase. But on workdays we usually send Activation Codes within 1 hour.  Please send us an email or call us if you don't receive it within this period.

  7. I have purchased additional licenses, but my new activation code activates the wrong number of licenses now. What should I do?

    Please send us an email or call us after the purchase, and we will send you the new Activation Code.

  8. Does your product work with Microsoft Exchange?

    Yes, it does. Outlook Alphabet4Contacts Toolbar works on the Exchange type profiles. Please also check other system requirements as well.

  9. How do I update from the previous product version to a new one?

    You must uninstallthe previous version (go to control panel->add\remove programs list) and download and install the new one.

  10. Will I loose all Product data if I reinstall it?


  11. Must I have administrator's privileges in my computer's Windows user account if I want to install Product?

    Yes, you need to have Administrator rights to install Alphabet4Contacts.

  12. The demo that we have downloaded has now expired and we didn't get a chance to try it properly. Is there any way that we could download and try it again for another 14 days?

    Please send us the extension requests to Please provide your name, phone number, your team size and describe the purpose of extension.

  13. Does the product work with localized Outlook versions (German, Spanish, French, etc.)?

    Yes, it does.

  14. I disabled my Alphabet4Contacts toolbar. How can I enable it again?

    You can turn Alphabet4Contacts back on by going to "Tools" and selecting "4Team Options>Alphabet4Contact Options". In the "General Folder options" pop-up the toolbar can be enabled by checking the "Enabled Alphabet4Contacts" and "Apply to all Folders" checkboxes. Clicking OK will enable your Alphabet4Contacts.

  15. My toolbar buttons have more than one letter. How do I set up a one-letter button?

    Alphabet4Contacts toolbar is self- adjusting to your Outlook window size. To get the full alphabet view, you should maximize your Outlook window.


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